But in the new system (Win10 20H2), plugging in the handle will cause the screen to not turn off. Officials are studying whether this problem can be solved. There are currently three temporary solutions:

1) Disable the handle (recommended): If you need to let the machine stop the screen when downloading, you can consider disabling the X360 handle in the device manager (right-click on the ows logo and select the device manager) (requires a restart to take effect). ), then set the power button to turn off the screen, or wait for a fixed time to turn off the screen, you can turn off the screen when downloading

2) Downgrade the driver (it will cause some game compatibility problems): The old version of the driver does not have this problem . You can choose to downgrade, but after downgrading, there will be compatibility problems in games such as Horizon 4 and Gears of War 5 in the Microsoft Store, which cannot be Operated with handle. If the game you play does not have this problem, you can consider downgrading the driver to solve it

3) Use an old version of Windows (not recommended): Using an old version of Windows will cause more additional problems, although it can also make AYA screen normally, but it is no longer recommended here.