Is it normal for the console interface to automatically black out for a few minutes after the first boot?

AYANEO AIR does not respond when using AYASpace to adjust brightness. There is no module to adjust brightness in the taskbar

When players import the game with TF card, the front page of AYASpace can display the correct information, but the game library cannot be displayed normally

How does AYANEO AIR calibrate the gyroscope

When Windows 11 is powered on, no display is displayed on the internal screen. This may occur in the initial activation or normal use

AYANEO AIR Boot disk sequence selection method

AYANEO AIR handle calibration method

AYANEO AIR One button restore tutorial

If for some reason you can't breathe the screen will not automatically appear in the screensaver

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If the AIR is restarted after hibernation, the joystick will not respond or respond slowly. I don't know what it could be.

When users restart AYANEO AIR, it takes an hour or more to restart

What if the Windows taskbar disappears due to a conflict with AYASpace when using Windows

When the AYANEO AIR is in standby mode and the screen is off, only one RGB light is on

After the startup and activation Settings of the Windows 11 operating system are complete, it is normal for the console to have a black screen after standing or changing the network status of the console

AIR devices cannot be correctly identified as the correct model in AYASpace, and the customized keys for the AIR cannot be used

[Bug Mc-117716] - When playing games that require resolution conditions, the Windows home page will flash back if not set properly "e.g. Titan, Warhammer, etc."

If the player rotates the left joystick continuously during startup and opens AYASpace after entering the startup interface, it will appear that "Cross key", "joystick", "Shoulder key" and "ABXY key" cannot be controlled in AYASpace interface