sleep state. There are 2 solutions, the first one is recommended.

Method 1 (recommended): Change the sleep mode to hibernate mode

1) Windows key to open the start menu, click the gear to enter the settings

2) Click the system icon, click the Power and Sleep tab

3) Click other power settings in the related settings on the right

4) Click on the left to select the function of the power button

5) Change the function of the power button from sleep to sleep when the power is turned on, so that you can enter the sleep mode through the power supply and will not be awakened

Method 2: Modify the registry to turn off Away mode

1) Right-click in the lower left corner - run - enter regedit to open the registry modifier

2) Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power, you should see an AwayModeEnabled, double-click to change it to “0” and it will be OK

3) If there is no “AwayModeEnabled”, right-click to create a new “DWORD 32-bit” value, rename it to “AwayModeEnabled”, and then change it to 0