Win10 enables the Fullscreen Optimization function for all full-screen games by default, so that full-screen games no longer monopolize the display screen, allowing the system to overlay non-game interface components (input method boxes, volume bars, push notifications, Xbox Game Bar, etc.), however, although Windows can render components on top of the program, this mode also causes many games to drop the frame rate or even become blurred when they are full screen. There are two ways to solve this problem:

1) For all games that support borderless full screen mode, all use borderless full screen mode

2) For games that do not support borderless full-screen mode, you can avoid blurring the screen by disabling full-screen optimization. The specific method is as follows: find the game executable file (the extension is exe, which is the file you use to start the game), right-click and select Properties, then in the “Compatibility” tab, check “Disable full-screen optimization”, so that again , after starting the game, even in full screen mode, the screen will not become blurry.