1) Enter the login password For the security of the device, we usually set a login password for the computer. Even if it is a handheld, your Steam account and bank card are bound to it. It is very troublesome to enter the password again, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the login. Here is a convenient solution: use the pin code to unlock

The pin code itself has the same function as the password. The difference is that it is all composed of numbers. Although the security factor may be slightly lower than that of the password, it is better than nothing. After setting the password, every time you turn on the machine, click the input box, and the touch input interface of the Pin code will pop up automatically. Enter the pre-set Pin code to unlock it automatically.

2) Automatically pop up the virtual keyboard setting By default, Windows will not pop up the virtual keyboard like a mobile phone every time in the input window, you must click the virtual keyboard button on the taskbar to pop up, which makes the input one more step, but this It can also be solved by setting. First, click on the virtual

In the pop-up virtual keyboard interface, click the gear in the upper right corner to set

In the settings that pop up, turn on the option “Show touch keyboard when not in tablet mode and keyboard is not connected”

After that, in any interface that requires input, as long as you click the input box (click with touch, mouse click is invalid), the virtual keyboard will automatically pop up

3) Use common key combinations Windows has a large number of key combinations, such as win+r, alt+f4, etc. These key combinations can help you open some functions and menus very quickly, which is really inconvenient without a keyboard, but don't worry, the current virtual keyboard can completely complete these operations. When you first open the virtual keyboard, the keyboard may look like the following, it lacks many commonly used function keys and cannot realize the combination of hot keys

In fact, Windows provides a variety of keyboard options. You only need to click the gear button on the upper left to switch the keyboard layout. Press the following settings to change the touch keyboard to the full keyboard layout.

In this keyboard layout, the commonly used Ctrl, Alt, Shift, F1-F12 (activated with FN), Del, up, down, left and right arrow keys are all available, and the combination keys are fully supported. For example, in a simple test, Alt+F4 closes the program, you need to click FN activates the F1-F12 function keys, click Alt (no need to hold, it will automatically lock), and finally click F4, the program will automatically close

You can try the Win key combination, such as Win+R, you can call up the run window, you only need to click the Win key (it will also be automatically locked), and then click the R key, the run window will pop up.

Basically, with this keyboard, the functions of the commonly used Windows key combinations can be achieved in this way. In addition, AYA also provides another version of the virtual key, you only need to click the function key on the far right, you can call up this keyboard, which is convenient for you to operate directly in the game, and use the cheat device to activate the cheat code.

4) Software that simulates keyboard and mouse Although Windows also provides a tablet mode, most third-party software does not optimize touch operations, and many buttons require precise mouse control to locate, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the operation.

For example, it is very uncomfortable to click the arrow on the power consumption adjustment software with your finger. At this time, you need to use the mouse mode. The author highly recommends the Controller Companion software in this Steam. Although it is a paid software, the price of 15 yuan is much more convenient than buying a Bluetooth mouse to carry around with you. It is really simple and easy to use, highly recommended.

After installing and starting the software, first turn on the option of “run on administrator pop-up window and login interface”. This option allows the software to operate normally under login and interface that requires administrator privileges. This is very necessary. Yes, after running the software, the first thing you need to open is this option.

This software automatically starts the keyboard and mouse mode in the desktop mode by default, and the default key settings are as follows

You can use the left joystick to control the mouse movement, the right joystick to control the mouse wheel, A=left mouse button, X=right mouse button, B=backspace, arrow keys=up, down, left, right, Start key=enter key, trigger Keys = Ctrl and Shift With these automatic mappings, you can easily navigate and control with the handle in the native Windows interface. Alternatively, hold down the Back (Select) key to activate a secondary key combination

After holding the Back (Select) key, you can use the arrow keys to adjust the volume up and down, X to display the desktop, the shoulder key to display task switching, etc. You can also adjust it according to your own eating habits, such as the operation of copying and pasting can be implied. In addition, don't worry about the conflict between the software and the game, the software will automatically disable it when it detects that a game is running in full screen. In some programs that do not support gamepads and can only be operated with the mouse, you can also use the shortcut keys Back(Select)+Start to activate this mapping scheme, and it is quite convenient to use the mouse to control the game. Not only in the game, any time you want to turn off or turn on mouse mapping, you can use Back(Select)+Start to switch. In addition, this software also provides a very powerful spiral keyboard function, which can be activated by pressing the left joystick directly, allowing you to easily input some numbers and simple letters, such as to adjust the software. It is very useful when setting parameters and settings. If you need to input long text, it is better to open the built-in virtual keyboard.