Operation Tips.

  1. After the one-click restore, all files in the computer will be cleared, so please make a backup of files and data before doing this operation.
  2. Before doing this operation, please charge the battery to more than 50% to avoid the failure of the restore due to the power problem during the restore.
  3. During the restoration process, do not click any keys except the necessary ones in the article below to prevent the restoration from failing.

The AYANEO 2 One-Click Restore operation procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Turn off the AYANEO 2 and observe that the fan has completely stopped and that the rocker light is not on.

Step 2: Press [Vol+ key] + [RC key], then click [Power Key] and press it at the same time, keeping it still.

Step 3: When the fan and rocker lights are on, release the [Power Key] but do not release the [Vol+ key] + [RC key].

Step 4: After entering the restore screen, release the [Vol+ key] + [RC key] to do so (Picture).

Step 5: When the handheld prompts whether to confirm the restore, you can click the green button (NEXT) in the screen to continue the restore (Picture).

Finally, after waiting for the handheld to enter the Windows interface, the AYANEO 2 restoration is complete.

Note: If the Gamers made a partition of disk D before the restore, you can go to Disk Management and create a new volume.