Several inspections are required:

1) Check the current display projection status. On the Windows desktop, click the bubble icon on the far right of the taskbar to open the notification bar. If the shortcut area below is collapsed, click “Expand” to open all shortcut buttons, find “Projection”, and select “Copy” or “Only” Second screen“;

2) Driver problem. Both the docking station and the one-liner will automatically install the driver, but after the driver is installed successfully, Windows 10 will not prompt to restart to enable the video signal output function. So just restart AYA Neo to output video signal;

3) Problems with cables and docking stations. If the cable is HDMI1.4, it will not support HDMI2.0 display interface. Specifically, if the display has only HDMI2.0 interface, the required docking station must support HDMI2.0 conversion, and also need an HDMI2.0-supporting HDMI cable. In addition, the HDMI2.0 docking station and cable support backward compatibility with HDMI1.4.

If the video signal still cannot be output, please contact customer service.